About Us

Hey traveler! We welcome you to learn about the Astralverse here ⏬

The WHO?

At Astral Labs, we're a team of indie creators with a love for art and storytelling! We've always been avid fans, immersing ourselves in the stories spun by others. But guess what? Now it's OUR turn to shine! Say hello to Astralmon! Our creative brand that embraces fun, creativity, and community. Join us as we weave immersive stories, curate dazzling merch, and craft heartwarming experiences—all alongside our amazing community. Still not convinced? Just take a peek at these adorable Astralmons! How could you resist their charm?

The WHY?

In a world rampant with boredom and loneliness, we yearn for meaningful connections and enjoyable experiences. Astralmon answers this call by offering a universe that allows for co-creation, social interaction and boundless fun.

At Astralmon, we utilize universally accessible platforms, beautiful hand-drawn artwork, innovative storytelling elements, and community input to offer an immersive storytelling experience that is specifically curated for YOU!


SO the big question here is what are we actually building?

Astralmon: New World

Enter the world of Astralmon: NEW WORLD, our flagship interactive webtoon. Launching in May 2024, this free-to-play adventure isn't just a story; it's an adventure shaped by your choices, blending action and narrative in a community-driven experience. Season 0, releasing in the first half of 2024, offers the first taste of a world where your participation not only influence the story but also open up the opportunity for you to earn exclusive rewards.

Astralmon: Park

🌟 Welcome to Astral Park! 🎠 Dive into the playful and whimsical side of our brand, where the Astralmon universe comes to life in fun, short animations. Whether you’re in the mood for cute character tales or little adventures, Astral Park is your go-to spot for a delightful break in your social media routine.

👀 Catch all the action and stay updated with our latest animations on our social channels:

🎉 The heart of Astral Park beats in our Discord community! It’s not just about watching—here, you can interact with our cute bots, engage with fellow fans, get your own custom PFP and even earn rewards just for participating in the fun!

👉 Join the fun now on Discord: Join Astral Park

🏆 Want to learn more about earning rewards in Astral Park? Read up about it here: Stardust (Rewards)

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